The Canon Vixia HV30 is the most recent upgrade from the namesake HV20 but most users express a fondness and liking for its elder sibling. The HV30 débuts a sleek and black non-glossy casing along with a lithium-ion battery and a useful 30p progressive feature. It’s slim and unique contours and useful features make it a catch for anyone looking for stunning high quality video and image capture.

The Canon Vixia HV30 weighs a little more than similar other camcorders. It weighs roughly one pound and 5.4 ounces but fits comfortable into any empty coat or jacket pocket. Its casing is solid and feels secure when handled and has tethered covers to keep its ports and accessory, headphones or mic jacks free from dust and particles.

Image Quality & Features:
The HV30 houses an 2.7 inch LCD screen and captures up to 211,000 high quality pixels great for shooting scenes or pictures by manually focusing the lens. The view finder has been widened for an easy viewing format, a video light and a flash setting for shooting photographs in limited lighting tops off the list.

The HV30 and HV20 have their similarities. Both use the same 1/ 2.7 inch CMOS censor to capture up to 1,440×1,080 (1080i) high definition images or wide screen HD video. Despite it’s listing as 1,920X1,080 the HV30 does not support this resolution. The Vixia HV30 records in SD format and comes capable of converting to fit a 720×480 MiniDV format.

Based on numerous feedback since HV20′s inception, the HV30 houses a f/1.8 10X zoom. To use it’s Super-Range Optical Image Stabilization hold the camera towards the face. Do not use the LCD screen. This way the camcorder can appropriately stabilize itself and take a great shot.

The HV30 has an ease to using it. Its design fits naturally into your hands. All of the most commonly used buttons for its features are placed close to your resting fingers. Features such as the microphone’s input level,  and exposure amount. All other features like the shutter, program, modes, image effects and white balance are placed nearby for easy customization of the scene you wish to shoot. Your thumb controls most of the options and buttons that are placed on the camera thus making it simple and quick to select, search or deselect an option. It has a low light option which helps to conserve on battery power. The camcorders’ range and capabilities excel at night, being able to pick up figures in fairly limited lighting.

The Canon Vixia line is an excellent source for exceptional video and image quality hardware. The HV30 has it’s positives but most persons refer back to its earlier model, the HV20. Apart from some minor changes here and there, there is really no difference than its predecessor. The tape housing, once opened, feels insecure and while shooting the camcorder may seem a bit unstable until you become familiar with it. The camera’s 211,000 pixels is not a very high resolution but still captures good images and video. For a more vivid image this camera may not meet that requirement.  Some of it’s buttons have been tucked or placed in places on the camera that may seem idiotic or hard to get to once in use.

The HV30′s video quality is exceptional and rated higher than the HV20 although similar in its other features and capabilities. It delivers vibrant and en captivating colour and excellent high quality video. It’s night mode preset is especially useful for late travelling or capturing an evening event. It costs less than its closest competitor and surprisingly is rated highly above it as well. The Canon Vixia HV30 is a great purchase for anyone looking to record or capture great moments.

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