What’s good
Excellent video definition, HDMI output and compatibility with both Windows and Macintosh systems. Attached USB interface for easy data downloading.

What is bad
Although the internal memory is big enough, it lacks a memory card slot and there are no cables included. The position of the USB interface can make connection to a PC difficult, making it better suited for a laptop.

At a very affordable price, this small video camera offers excellent picture quality. The small size allows it to be carried in the pocket and its light weight doesn’t tire the arm when holding it and/or recording for long periods of time.

Lately, many manufacturers have launched small video recorders. It was a niche not yet explored until recently and is quickly gaining new fans and popularity. After the great success of the Flip Mino video camera in the US, Flip Video has overstepped and created very positive surprises among the video camera fans. They are small, affordably priced and very easy to use.

After being acquired by Cisco, Flip video has surprised the public by not announcing the launch of this model. It appeared suddenly on the shelves of electronic stores and the public reacted positively to it. At the economic price range, it offers the same high definition quality found in other more expensive models.

Improvements over the previous model
The design altered very little from the previous model. They look almost the same. However, the Flip UltraHD video camera has a wider LCD screen measuring 2” which is 0.5 inches wider than the previous model. However, brightness didn’t improve much and under sunlight is almost impossible to see the screen. It comes in two colors: black or white, with a matte color finish which helps the grip a little. It is also equipped with more internal Flash memory, packing 8 GB of storage space. The buttons are bigger so it is easier to use them.

The Flip UltraHD includes two rechargeable batteries which can be replaced by normal alkaline ones In case they run out of energy. The batteries can be charged again using the USB interface of a computer.

This new model also comes with a stereo microphone located on the front of the camcorder to the left and right of the lens.

The Flip UltraHD records at 30p frame rate, which is ok for still subjects. If the video has motion or rapidly moving objects, they will appear choppy and cut. The artifacting is very low and the images were strong and clear, but the movements didn’t appear that smooth.  The YouTube function included heavily compresses the videos allowing for a very decent quality and short upload times, which is one of the most loved functions on these types of cameras.

The sharpness of the video is really good compared to the other cameras in the same price range. The horizontal and vertical sharp lines measure 600 line widths per picture height, which is a big improvement over the last model, which had only 375. This delivers a clarity of video comparable to more expensive consumer camcorders.

In low light situations, the Flip UltraHD also performs very well, although the images appear a little grainy, they still show with good quality. The colors appear accurate under any light conditions, showing a rich and vivid contrast.

Although the sound is not the best feature, voices and speech are recorded clearly enough, although the same sensitivity can lower the quality in windy conditions. The audio is compressed using the AAC codec which helps keeping a smaller file size. Unfortunately it has no extra audio connectivity options, which could be a big advantage to improve the quality of sound.

This camera is a very good option for hobby video fans. It is intended for using in fun situations and for sharing these videos in Internet.

Video review of the Flip UltraHD

Photos of the Flip UltraHD


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