What’s good?
The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V has a 10x, equivalent to a 25-250 mm zoom, plus a feature not seen before: GPS sensor to geographically tag every picture.

What‘s bad?
The used video code renders good video quality, but can pose some software difficulties if one tries to edit.

A very good camera for amateur or casual photographers, it is easy to use and intended for most situations and celebrations. Although it comes with advanced features, it is still very simple to use for both photos and videos.

Among all the cameras launched recently with new technologies and features, Sony has once again, surprised users and critics with their new compact digital camera, the 10 megapixel Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V.
This small but powerful camera comes with many features and new technologies that make it one of the products that will set new standards in the digital camera market. With an elegant design and very small and compact design that allow the camera to be handled by photographers of all ages.
With all the technologies and characteristics packed in this small and versatile camera, it focused more for the point-and-shoot market, and serious photographers may feel themselves somehow limited by it. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V has two basic programs: Intelligent Auto and Manual mode but no Aperture or Shutter priority mode.

This camera has a CMOS sensor, “Exmor R” of 10.2 Megapixels. This sensor is designed with the back-light technology, a functionality based in the movement of the circuit that in normal cases, covers the typical compact CMOS sensor, allowing a better light reception and less noise in low light situations.

The 10x zoom lens is composed of 10 elements in 7 groups that together, form an impressive compact objective. However, this lens offers a short aperture range, basically f/3.5 and f/8.0.
In the back of the body there is a 3 inch LCD, bright enough to be seen clearly even in daylight and has a very good 230,4000 pixel resolution, sharpness and contrast. This camera has no optical viewfinder.
The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V is capable of shooting up to 10 frames per second. The only disadvantage is that it takes almost 10 seconds for all the pictures to get saved in the memory.

Face and smile recognition
One of the best features in this camera and most fun to use, is the smile recognition function. It works by capturing the photo when it detects that the subject is smiling. This can yield to very funny situations and helps to captivate happy moments. It also has an anti-blink and blink detection feature to avoid capturing subjects with their eyes closed. Of course, red eye reduction is a must and Sony did not forget to include it in this camera as well.

GPS and Compass
The GPS module and built in compass will allow the user to tag the pictures geographically, including the direction they were taken, and it can be turned off if the user so desires. Sony’s included software can upload the pictures to third party applications like Google earth and the tags are compatible. Also a very intelligent functionality is that the internal clock is kept up to date using the same GPS module, for maximum accuracy.

The memory slots can read any of the Sony proprietary storage, such as Memory Stick Duo and Pro DUO High Speed among others, as well as the more common SD and SD High Capacity memory cards.

This little camera was awarded the “Best Compact Camera” prize in the 2010 TIPA Awards, which didn’t surprise many, since the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V delivers an excellent picture quality, innovative functions and features in a very compact and elegant design.

Video review Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V

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